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CitraNew version compiled Update Released:

Few minor bug fixes

Many games don't fully work yet!

3DS Emulator

Play Games Like Pokemon X!

Pokémon X on Nintendo 3DS Emulator Citra is a new open source 3DS emulator for PC, Linux and OSX. The emulator provided here is compiled from the original source code on github here.

lots of people all over the world know the
Nintendo 3DS. Citra is a user friendly program that allows you to play Nintendo 3DS games on Windows/OSX/Linux

This emulator is the kind of free software that hardcore gamers need to have in their collection(especially when new games are launched and they are only available on the 3DS) This emulator gives you the possibility to play the 3DS games without the Nintendo 3DS Console.


citra debug This emulator doesn't require any installation, just download uncompressed and open(except for the newer version) Other emulators need installation for special regions but 3DS Emulator is region free.

The first time you open the emulator you will have the possibility to change your resolution. when you open the configuration screen the default is the original size 800/240(2x 400x240 per eye WQVGA) and the lower screen 320x240 pixels. You can change this however it would make the screen a bit more pixelated.

There is one thing you need to do in order in order to use to 3DS Emulator. You need to have the original BIOS of Nintendo 3DS, its illegal to use copy of a BIOS. If the 3DS Emulator cant find a genuine BIOS the software wont run.

Once you have set everything up, you can play 3DS & DS ROMS with this 3DS Emulator.

Disclaimer: The 'Nintendo 3DS' is not owned by us and are trademarks, copyright, etcetera, of Nintendo.